Startup / SMB

Benefits and ways of engaging:

Are you a startup, SMB, looking into an exit strategy, wanting to connect with potential investors, M&A advisors, or learn about the options of exits?

We offer a variety of support, connections, workshops and events for you.

  • Information and awareness of the benefits of an exit
  • Introductions to potential investors
  • Connections to foreign partners and contacts
  • Key insights into the ecosystem
  • Connections to local facilitators

M&A advisors

  • Practical experience in the management of companies at critical points in their life cycle
  • Advising entrepreneurs and Boards in exit strategies, mergers, acquisitions
  • Advising entrepreneurs and Boards in times of liquidity shortage and overindebtedness


Experts in the field share their experiences and advice, through trainings, workshops and webinars.

  • Swiss experts
  • Silicon Valley experts
  • Pitch trainings
  • Webinars

Global Network

Connecting you locally and globally

  • Local/Global network of M&A attorneys and legal council
  • Local/Global network of advisors
  • Local/Global network of corporate investors, family offices