Top Things to Consider for a Startup Exit

Top Things to Consider for a Startup Exit

If you are like most business owners, you’ve probably given some thought to selling your business on more than one occasion. Unfortunately, most people in your position do not have access to a diverse group of finance and legal professionals familiar with this process. If this sounds like you, please join us for a roundtable discussion designed to provide business owners with insights into the mergers and acquisitions market and how to maximize the value of what is likely your most significant asset.

The discussion will include related topics such as tax and estate planning, due diligence, deal structuring, executing a sale, and life after a transaction. In addition to fielding your questions, our group of experienced dealmakers will discuss the following:

• What are the current M&A market conditions?
• What actions can be taken prior to a company sale that will improve the probability of successful transaction and maximize valuation?
• What are some of the main tax planning and legal considerations involved in selling all or a portion of a business?
• What criteria do investors use to evaluate the purchase of a privately-owned business?
• What is a typical sale process like and how long does it take? What are the alternatives?
• How can the right professionals help maintain an efficient and cost effective sale process?
• How involved can owners continue to be once they have brought in an equity partner?
• What wealth preservation strategies are available to business owners to protect and grow their sale proceeds and income?

Wade Pitts, Managing Director, Fort Point Capital Partners

John Jeffords, Partner, Hood & Strong LLP
Martin Kriegler, Senior Vice President, Bridge Bank
Svetlana Attestatova, Partner, Reed Smith

David Butler
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