the Exit Path

the Exit Path

Join us to connect with the key players in the exit/M&A space, help understand the challenges and what needs to change, what the focus and efforts should be to improve and increase the number of Swiss Exits.

Understand exits from the entrepreneur, board member, and corporate buyer perspectives learning from first hand experience with IPOs, trade sales and acquisitions, as well as advisory from both sides at the table. This is a highly interactive session where the audience asks the questions and our world-class panel shares their stories. We are going to discuss topics such as:

  • Understanding valuations: from founders to investment bankers
  • Increasing valuation: driving value through marketing and branding
  • Negotiating exits: building a position of strength
  • Effective collaboration: merging corporate & start-up ethos for success

Check out the photos from the event in Zurich:

Facilitated by:

Sanja Fabrio, Rodney Reis, David Butler


Virginie Verdon

Virginie has a strong background in energy, clean-tech, telecommunication and IT sectors. Often called in during transition periods, she helps companies in their fast growing and restructuring phases. She brings her hands-on expertise in C-level management, finance, marketing & communication, and international business development. Fascinated by organizations in transition, she took part in two IPOs, led a full privatization process and restructured various SMEs as well as MNCs departments in multicultural environments. She is chairman of the board of a government-owned company and serves on the board of directors of several SMEs and start-up companies. Virginie helps SMEs through MBOs, successions and companies trade sales.


Karim Maizar

Karim specializes in the field of corporate law. He regularly represents clients in M&A and corporate finance transactions, restructurings and matters related to stock exchange regulation.
As head of the firm’s Startup Desk Karim has obtained considerable expertise in the area of venture capital where he regularly assists investors and entrepreneurs in connection with financing rounds, participation plans, exit transactions and matters of general contract and commercial law.

Jan Hoffmeister

As co-founder of Drooms, Jan Hoffmeister was one of the trailblazers for the introduction of virtual data room solutions in Europe.
In 2001, Jan Hoffmeister founded the company to provide physical data rooms for transactions. His real goal, however, was to digitise this process and offer an online due diligence platform. After an intensive development phase, his ideas about how such a platform should look and perform came to fruition. As a result, Drooms is now the leading virtual data room provider in Europe.
Jan has over 15 years of experience as a manager, mainly at Siemens, in the areas of corporate finance and M&A in Germany, Switzerland, and the USA.

Nicole DeMeo

Nicole DeMeo is an accomplished business launch, growth and turnaound expert. As an investor, advisor or c-level contributor, Nicole works closely with executive teams to guide strategy and growth. A Silicon Valley veteran, she has developed strategies and guided companies through multiple phases of their lifecycles for over 20 years.
Her participation in over 50 company launches – including four of her
 own – created significantly increased valuations, acquisitions and IPOs. Nicole has served as brand ambassador and marketing strategist for industry leaders such as Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt and created brand positioning, messaging, and go-to-market strategies for Fortune 500 companies including Apple, HP and Accenture. Recently Nicole was the Chief Marketing Officer of Glispa Global Group and before that bridged Europe and Silicon Valley working with Earlybird Venture Capital and fast-growth companies like EyeEm and Peak Games. She is currently advising hot startups including Kisura from Berlin (personalized, digital shopping) Barnraiser from San Francisco (marketplace for food innovators) and making wine as the owner of Media Luna Vineyards based in Argentina.

Miika Kettunen

Miika Kettunen, currently a Senior Product Manager at Swisscom Innovations. Has a passion for new technologies and is specialized in software product management, go-to-market strategies, international technical sales and team building. Experience in technical due diligences from both sides of the table.

Previously Miika was General Manager Europe for Lotaris SA in Switzerland, responsible for european operations and staff. Before that, a partner and member of management team of Openbit – a Finnish mobile payments company sold to Tanla an Indian publicly listed VAS company. (Exit 2010) At Openbit he was responsible for products and technology.

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David Butler
In the Zurich startup scene since 2009, managing events for entrepreneurs, connecting founders and investors, advising startups, with a passion to inspire the next big thing.